Phill's Doom Page

This is my section dedicated to the first person perspective games by ID software the Doom series (Doom/Doom II/Ultimate Doom & Final Doom).

You can download the shareware version of Doom from Here (2.3Mb). There is also a good archive if ID games related material at Here (Sunsite UK).

Since ID have now released the source code for the Doom series people have started playing with it and building things into the game that ID never had the time to do or never thought of doing.

You can get the source as release by ID from Here But be warned that the source as released by ID only compiles under Linux.

But the source has been ported to dos and is available Here

I have based my own enhancements to doom on this port. You can download my version of doom from Here or get the source as well from Here.

Click Here to read the readme for my version of doom.

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